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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

chase it before its gone too far


After being away for the week from the countryside, it feels like things have completely changed around me. i don't think my feet are on the ground. You know the feeling when you feel like there are too many things in your head to be thinking clearly about one thing???

i'd been eyeing these fields forever now and have never had the guts to go there and start taking pictures like mad. but i saw they've started harvesting it so thought today was the best day to go. plus the sun was out! plus my nephew wanted to go and help me =)
i don't think i would have gone into the field if it weren't for him.

these aren't my favorite pictures...but then again, i think it reflects my state right now. i'm in a daze. i'm torn apart. so i can't be my best. i hope there's more sun where you are!


Odyssey said...

Not all meaningful photos hold the aesthetics of photography. Sometimes ya just have to capture the spirit of the moment/day. Hope ya a nice time at Bergen. :)

Odyssey said...



Anonymous said...

beautiful pic !!

laxmi said...

These pictures makes me want to live near woods, fields, rivers.

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