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Sunday, September 5, 2010


i don't know why the pictures look so much better in my head.
the fourth one is just SO cheesy :)

Maybe i'll get some better pictures next week. just maybe.

oh and if you thought you saw a crazy woman walk into the forests with a giant teddy, say hello. that was me :)


Odyssey said...

1st n 4th - kickasshot! Digging the low pov of 1st one. Lovely blue green (?) one piece. Love the mood of the photo/compo. Ain't it amazing those conifers are evergreen?

How could ya produce so focused & sharp 4th selfie? Raw-beauty! Yeah it's cheesy. duh! :p

Loved the prologue & epilogue of this series.

Tara G. said...

sharp selfie? err out of 200, there were 10 in focus. makes sense? ;)

Odyssey said...

Yes it does dear. It's called perseverance! ;)

Chika said...

I love them.
Especially the second and last one. The second one because of the teddy bear's beige fur against the sharp blue, and also because of it's bow. And I simply love the last one as well :D
You're really imaginative and that's a good quality. :D

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