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Monday, October 11, 2010

the longest winter

photography, girl, self portrait, frost winter, norway
i could hear the crystals crackle as the sun was coming up :)
a macro of the frost crystals on a red leaf.
we had the first real frost this morning! it was below 0 degree last night.
i'll  be slowly updating the before/after album on facebook. i also have a couple of exciting projects lined up. if only we had 34 hours in a day :)
i hope you are keeping warm. 


Sumo Dewan said...

i am not looking forward to winter
the roads get so slippery because of frost :(
what's the second photo
it looks very abstract

lol i am not sure if an eye for anything :)

Tara G said...

just added short descriptions :)

i am looking forward to get stupid in the snow :D

iDream said...

Must admit that the choice of song complements your photos. Had you not mentioned I'd have vaguely guessed red lips instead of red leaf!

Chika said...

OMG... Tara I love what you've done to your blog :D... It looks sooooo good :D... Keep up the good work. And hope getting a new laptop went well for you :).. iclick :D

Tara G said...

thanks darling!! how've you been in the company of English men;) and did you confess? saw your confusion status on fb! and what happened to your blog????

Chika said...

Hi Tara. :P .. I've been good.. And.... loving the fact that I'm back in England and that we will soon be given our first assignments. :P .. It's funny that I'm actually excited about that. Who wouldn't be after four months of nothingnesss :P ... (haha.. just kidding).

I finally told him about how I feel, you know, apart from the whole distance thing, and he took it really well. :P Turns out he feels the exact same way I do. Problem solved :P

Yes. I found out that I had accidentally closed my blog, just like I had accidentally topped up on my mobile with £100 today. I'm such a loon...

Blue Mimosa said...

I like your blog. :) Can I follow your blog?

Tara G said...

Blue Mimosa, i'd be thankful :)

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