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Saturday, November 6, 2010

to play safe or not

photography canon remote control oslo kit lens bikbok girl flourcanon
Honestly, I was running out of ideas last week already. so i thought i'd play safe and do a clichéd flour-photo for the 3rd week. I'm glad the Green Mile bug caught me :) I don't know which one's easier- to go into a shoot with a definite idea in mind or be flexible shooting till you think you got something good. Today the former definitely won.
I hope you guys are having a great time celebrating Deepawali :)  Wishing you lots of light into your own lives.

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Gyan Gurung said...

cliche'd or not these are ahmazing i love the movement and the sheer awkwardness of the 2nd picture :)
happy tihar to you too :D

Anonymous said...

i think m more clinched by the 2nd shot... its more movement n expressive...

Anonymous said...

i really like the first shot :D

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