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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

breaking away

Hello world! i am back :)

i spent an amazing week in London and met some really really nice people. i wish i had more time but then again, it feels like this is a city i will keep visiting many more times. So first up i met my bff from high school. TT's a gorgeous unruly haired girl who used to be teased in school for her hair (!!!!!). To this day, i believe her hair is her very best asset. So if you're being bullied, remember that the very reason that you're being pulled down for right now will be the best thing you'll have.

Second, i met up with the amazingly kind, talented singer-dancer-photographer Karuna who came all the way from Morden to show me around Central London. Here's a portrait of her from when we were shooting in Camden Town.
She also shot me and here's a glimpse. ( i can't wait to get the pictures so i can try processing some my way :D)

Then came Gyan for a day to show me around Brick Lane. i loved the little streets with the vintage stores and gorgeous people. We wanted to do a collab but didn't really find the time. But Gyan, being the gifted photographer, already had an idea for me so i started posing for the first time for another photographer :) it felt sorta weird to trust someone else but i know he'll do me justice. Especially considering how strict he was with the direction. "head a little higher, tilted to the right, twirl the shawl, look a little surprised, don't move, DON't move". :) i can't wait to see what he comes up with. Here are some pictures i got to take of him .

i have many more pictures of TT which i will process over the week. i also need to catch up on my last week's project, although i have to admit i'm lacking a little bit of inspiration. With the weather getting only colder, i don't think i will dare to lie on the snow outside or do anything similarly fun for a while. Plus, i might have a fashion shoot on thursday. Anyways, i hope you guys are keeping warm.  please excuse my diary-like post. i promise i'll be more creative in later posts.


Milla said...

oh my god, I have to meet you one day! you take gorgous pictures! maybe we'll meet after new years? cause I'm leaving to Haugesund soon (christmas is coming)! I'll send you an email when I'm back, merry christmas sweetie :)

Tara G said...

Milla you're the sweetest! i hope you're keeping well! i guess we'll meet next year then! but keep in touch! happy holidays! hugs

Gyan Gurung said...

glad you enjoyed your visit didi do come again :D we'll do an actual proper well thought out collaboration where you get to boss me around as well :P i'll upload the picture i took of you by tomorrow (hopefully!) and will send the original ones as well i've been too busy! :(
i love the one of your friend with the spider web! her expression is so unreal!

Chika said...

Wahh.. Love the photos. And you are so right. Something you often get bullied about might just be your best asset. Glad you had fun Tara. :) London is a beautiful City.

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