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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hush hush

there above the hills and the huts, she saw the moon rise, lighting up the whole village and the river. and with that the road that led her back home.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

in retrospect

So it's already been a month since i last updated the blog. Obviously i expected 2011 to be a breath of fresh air from 2010, but i guess this process of change is going to be slow. i still believe this will be a year full of greatness for so many of us. So positivity is still not lost :)

it's been 15 weeks into the 52-weeks and since i don't want to blabber much about my personal issues, i want to take a look back and see how it's been. i'm so happy that i've managed to keep up with the weekly uploads. i hope you have so far liked my works and i promise to keep pushing my boundaries and delve into more daring concepts and processing. so don't write me out just yet;)

here we go:

week 1

self portrait canon norway remote control pashmina shawl wool sweater bikbok tights
This was during the moose-hunting season back in October. i was so proud to have gone that far into the forest ALONE and dared to stay up there for an hour or so in that cold cold weather. 
Since i was feeling extra enthusiastic, i also took some close up shots at home (just in case).

gap sweatshirt

week 2

H&M wool jacket Zara tee Tally jeans dinsko
i miss my brother KG so much looking at this. i made him carry that ladder an hour's walk into the forest. my idea was a little different from what you actually see here. i was thinking more like climbing to the top of the ladder and reaching out for the clouds/sky or something. Seeing that the top of the forest was also full of trees (duh!), i didn't get to photograph the vastness of the sky. so i ditched that composition from my head and gladly processed this photo. 
Again, keeping up with the energy level from the first week, i had some flours to spare so took some photos with that (just in case the first comp didn't work out).
me and my brother managed to scare a local who was walking her dog here. i mean, imagine seeing a man meditating at the top of a forest, complete with incense. and a girl flipping her hair full of flour!!!!

bikbok turquoise sweater

week 3

vero moda dress

 don't you just love it when you get exactly the image that you had in your mind? week 3 did me proud :). i wouldn't talk about the idea since it's on flickr - The Green Mile and all.  

week 4

vero moda wool jacket H&M tee Ugg boots
Again, thanks to KG , i got my ass out and went to my favorite field. i felt so strongly about the composition and that helped to stay focused while shooting in the dreadful cold. So it would be safe to say that it's great to have a clear idea before you start shooting. Of course it could also be a drawback if you get so rigid, then you forget it's ok to be flexible. 
Looking at the end result, i still find something doesn't sit well with me. but this has been one of the most liked/viewed photos on my flickr so i'm guessing i did something right!

week 5

Dr Martins
Another great week where i got on my screen what i had in mind. the snow started exactly as i had imagined. except for falling on my arse on a frozen wooden board while trying to jump, trying to make sure not to get footprints on the snow, it was perfect. Again, it helped to have a clear idea in my head. 

week 6

My nephew accompanied me here. But it was too bloody cold and was starting to get dark. Then i just couldn't find the perfect location, partly because i didn't know what i was looking for. so i made use of the smoke bombs. and that crown. and got myself this. Not happy!

week 7

camden town
Hello clear concept :) By now, i'm starting to tell myself that i really should have a clear idea before heading for a shoot. This composition was again something i felt strongly about. i talked about being compassionate towards oneself. (preach preach preach)

week 8

week 8 sucked! Started with a different idea and shot in the snow wearing a LBD, carrying the giant teddy bear, sitting on a chair but the images sucked so bad, i cannot even dare upload them as outtakes. So i had to make do with this old image. i like the tones though :)

week 9

Xmas was around and i was in the mood. pretty simple idea and i liked how it came out :)

week 10

cheesecake dress forever new
i'm glad looking at this. it must be one of the most common compositions but thanks to Gyan, i could see it has a special meaning. and yay for the tones:)

week 11
i started the week with the above comp but then i didn't feel like playing around with the images. So i went back to my red thread. and had so much fun weaving it around the room.


week 12


Looking at this image, you wouldn't believe where i shot it. it's in a tiny storage attached to my room. i just knew i had to make use of the light there and the fabric that i bought, originally for more close-up shots. So you're sure to see it again ;)

week 13


i've been so much wanting to get into more darker stuff. and i made fake blood this week and decided to walk around bare feet in the snow. BAD IDEA. i couldn't pull it off so i went back to this simple image. i'm surely going to try the comp again though. 

week 14

i liked the idea of building tons of snowmen in the backyard. as simple as that:)

week 15

ikea light bulb

Oh My God! This one's got to be the worst edit EVER! i was upset i couldn't process it any better because it really looked amazing in my head. i even thought i'd do an animal series or something. but alas, i opted to do another image for the week, making use of the gorgeous orb.  not much thought into it. 


"twas fun for me looking back at the weeks. maybe i can write something more meaningful in the future. but i think i'd say it much better in pictures. thanks for being here though! :)