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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Norwegian Style


Hello World! This is a long overdue update. I shot Fredrik in Oslo two weeks back and had quite a great time. The thing i really liked about his face was that he had so many looks. One moment he could look like Jake Gyllenhaal and the next minute he could look like someone else. It was really a joy :)

On another note, i'm here in India en route to Nepal. i feel so privileged to get to take such a long break at home and i intend to make every day count. If anyone who's reading this is in Nepal and wants to meet up, i'm game :)

Do expect to see more street stuff. 


Karuna Gurung said...

Worth a wait!!! Love all shots of Mr Jake look a like :P... Hope India was good to you, pass on my hello to Nepal... Hope you have a good break...
I'm eagerly waiting to see street stuff ;) P.S. love the song

Anubhav Pradhan said...

All the photographs are pretty awesome(the fourth from the top is the my favorite) your photography... :)

Style Incognito said...

Great photography skills! And looking forward to seeing the street shots :)

Since you been gone said...

who wouldnt want to meet up with u!!

Tempest in a Teapot said...


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