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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Material Girl

Some girls have it all. As pretty as she looks, Kaia is an intelligent, unique and talented girl. Check out her music here.

( believe this is my favorite from the day).

It was such a great feeling getting out in this cold weather, waking up earlier than i would like on a sunday morning; freezing my hands and toes; carrying a bag full of clothes, shoes and accessories; waiting for people to move from a frame i picked; hungry and thirsty. The last time i had gone on a shoot was in the summer! I have missed this excitement, and i hope i will get to do this so much more often this year. I already have a victim on hand :D

i hope you have had a great start to this year!


Bhawesh said...

The tone and framing of the last picture is stunning. Actually everything is good in that pic. Good job :)

Shrijit said...

Love the last one too! Along with the others. Why won't you colourgrade all the pics as a set rather than individual shots?

Christof said...

awesome serie of wonderful portraits tara !!!

dongala (wanderer) said...

wooo..the last shot...
realllly beautiful zendenla..
I missed ur photographs!!
do stay updated! :)

<3 Dolkar

Gyan Gurung said...

the last one is my favourite! the black and white is perfection.

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