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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Is this it?

That's one thing we do no matter what is happening around us. And yet, why does it feel so weird when we try to focus on this one act.
Does it scare you too when you try to let go of all the clutter that we call 'life'? For once, can you stop living for the next day, planning your next activity, thinking of that one person or making your grocery list?
I can't. So I'm haunted by these questions....
If we are not living for the now, then what are we really living for? What is the purpose of life?
Why am I 'I"?
Who are we?

Model: Jeremy Hugall

It doesnt take long to gel with Jeremy. He's a very huggable person but can be a big pain sometimes. Oh well, aren't we all like that? :)

Thanks for reading. Ask those questions to yourself. Give me a buzz if you find the answers :)