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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Viking

(So in love with HURTS. On repeat)

i shot Thomas Liden (a self acclaimed Viking :D)last thursday. he got in touch with me through modelmayhem and have been trying to arrange a shoot since forever! finally he could come here last week, so despite the weather and my sore throat, we went into the forest. of course i warned him about how a teenage model wanted a shoot with me but after i asked her to come here, her father didn't allow her! it's sweet yet ironic at the same time. protection in the modelling industry. hmmm
Thomas was so easy to work with and patiently posed in the snow. this was the shortest i have spent on a shoot - an hour exactly! despite just around 150 photos, i got a few nice ones to choose from. however I got fever after this day:( but i feel so thankful today to be able to breathe clearly again and to taste food :D i love how my friend said "the good and the bad always comes in waves".

Thursday, December 9, 2010

i've got your back

(oh yeah, i made her show the finger FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HER LIFE)

Tenzin and I have known each other since 3rd grade. We have pretty much seen each other on our bests and our worsts. This is a friendship where we could go for months without talking and yet, when we meet, we'd be like there were no gaps in between. If you too have a friend like that, say you love him/her often. This is someone you'd want to keep for life. 

Oh! and if you haven't seen my 7th week selfie, go here!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

breaking away

Hello world! i am back :)

i spent an amazing week in London and met some really really nice people. i wish i had more time but then again, it feels like this is a city i will keep visiting many more times. So first up i met my bff from high school. TT's a gorgeous unruly haired girl who used to be teased in school for her hair (!!!!!). To this day, i believe her hair is her very best asset. So if you're being bullied, remember that the very reason that you're being pulled down for right now will be the best thing you'll have.

Second, i met up with the amazingly kind, talented singer-dancer-photographer Karuna who came all the way from Morden to show me around Central London. Here's a portrait of her from when we were shooting in Camden Town.
She also shot me and here's a glimpse. ( i can't wait to get the pictures so i can try processing some my way :D)

Then came Gyan for a day to show me around Brick Lane. i loved the little streets with the vintage stores and gorgeous people. We wanted to do a collab but didn't really find the time. But Gyan, being the gifted photographer, already had an idea for me so i started posing for the first time for another photographer :) it felt sorta weird to trust someone else but i know he'll do me justice. Especially considering how strict he was with the direction. "head a little higher, tilted to the right, twirl the shawl, look a little surprised, don't move, DON't move". :) i can't wait to see what he comes up with. Here are some pictures i got to take of him .

i have many more pictures of TT which i will process over the week. i also need to catch up on my last week's project, although i have to admit i'm lacking a little bit of inspiration. With the weather getting only colder, i don't think i will dare to lie on the snow outside or do anything similarly fun for a while. Plus, i might have a fashion shoot on thursday. Anyways, i hope you guys are keeping warm.  please excuse my diary-like post. i promise i'll be more creative in later posts.