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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Viking

(So in love with HURTS. On repeat)

i shot Thomas Liden (a self acclaimed Viking :D)last thursday. he got in touch with me through modelmayhem and have been trying to arrange a shoot since forever! finally he could come here last week, so despite the weather and my sore throat, we went into the forest. of course i warned him about how a teenage model wanted a shoot with me but after i asked her to come here, her father didn't allow her! it's sweet yet ironic at the same time. protection in the modelling industry. hmmm
Thomas was so easy to work with and patiently posed in the snow. this was the shortest i have spent on a shoot - an hour exactly! despite just around 150 photos, i got a few nice ones to choose from. however I got fever after this day:( but i feel so thankful today to be able to breathe clearly again and to taste food :D i love how my friend said "the good and the bad always comes in waves".


Milla said...

wow, love these photos Tara!

/ thank you so much! I wish you a happy holiday as well, and I'll see you in the big 2011, sweetie ;)

Sαrαh said...

he is hot! Mazing pictures!

Madalena Tavares said...

Oh my, these are all so stunning. He is very handsome indeed, but the result is magnificent. I'm so in love with all of them.

Maiken said...

amazing! love them, you are really talented!:)

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