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Thursday, August 12, 2010

In the secret valley

there where there was no one
not even me
i finally found peace....

It's almost everyday and only natural that we think a lot about ourselves. But in this quest of finding the best for us, we often forget to see the bigger picture. that we are small. that these things we are after do not build our lives. that these to-do lists we tick off do not fill the void in us.
so today i take a step back. i walk without thinking about the things i did today. i listen to the songs without trying to relate them to me. i just listen to the lyrics. and it felt good. i stopped worrying, even just for a little while. nothing had anything to do with me. i was free.


RattleHead said...

Second one is good N'ang I like it :)

Anonymous said...

"good" is not an adjective bhanena maile? :P

Odyssey said...

Soothingly pleasing music; goes with your work!
However, I must brutally admit that this set of photos are not up to your par (I have seen your works). I like the composition of the fourth one. Photos are not sharp (to my liking). Self-portrait could be tricky at times. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

thanks for ur honest comment! I actually loved this shoot since I'd been thinking about something purple for a LONG time now! but i agree the photos appear much less sharp here. i cannot undo it! i always added some texture to the third one. in my attempt to make each one appear different, i might have gotten carried away.

Chika said...

The photos are beautiful Tara.

I absolutely love them.

By the way. I am back in Oslo. Sorry for taking so long to reply. We missed our flight on Tuesday, so had to come back on Thursday instead. How have you been?

Anonymous said...

hey chika!!!!
great! i can't wait to meet up with you :)i've been so-so, but i know i'll be much better over the week!

sjarocky21 said...

It's great Tara! Lovely!!!! <3

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