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Thursday, September 9, 2010

bringing bubbly back



today i learnt that just the sight of balloons make an awful lot of people happy. i felt like walking all around the city with these balloons.

the beautiful, Kelly Rowland look alike, is Chika. we met at a job interview (of all the places!!), where we were the only two interviewees. it was one of the few encounters where we, as strangers, didn't ask about our respective facebook accounts but our blog sites. it was a refreshing change and always amazing to meet someone with whom you just click. i think we did justice to the theme here. despite the crummy weather, we had loads of fun and exchanged lots of smiles :)


Chika said...

OMG Tara. I feel like crying. You are so amazing. I actually have tears in my eyes. I've never been more happy :D....

Please. Start your own business. You'll make it :D I guarantee you that you will.

From my little sister: Start your own COMPANY!!!

Hugs x

Alex Falc√£o said...

SOOOOO cool! Love the freshness of your photos! The colors, the mood, the lightness! That was a GREAT encounter and I think you should try even more with Chika, she's amazing too! Congrats!

SURVOLER said...

aww... they are so pretty. Chika looks so great!
Creds to the photographer, those are amazing and so sweet... and innocent. <3

Gyan Gurung said...

you're amazing! and she's amazing! you both are! love love this series so happy and full of energy and warmth :D:D

Anonymous said... glad u love them :) and thanks for the encouragement!!
@Alex, tusen hjertelig takk..du er alltid saa hjelpsom!

Thanks SURVOLER and Gyan bhai. hope you're doing great!

Pink Peony Photography said...

so fantastic!!! i usually don't like balloons - think they're overused, but you guys make me want to use them in my next shoot =)

Anonymous said...

awww thanks :) I hope you do cos its a lot of fun!!

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