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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

in retrospect

So it's already been a month since i last updated the blog. Obviously i expected 2011 to be a breath of fresh air from 2010, but i guess this process of change is going to be slow. i still believe this will be a year full of greatness for so many of us. So positivity is still not lost :)

it's been 15 weeks into the 52-weeks and since i don't want to blabber much about my personal issues, i want to take a look back and see how it's been. i'm so happy that i've managed to keep up with the weekly uploads. i hope you have so far liked my works and i promise to keep pushing my boundaries and delve into more daring concepts and processing. so don't write me out just yet;)

here we go:

week 1

self portrait canon norway remote control pashmina shawl wool sweater bikbok tights
This was during the moose-hunting season back in October. i was so proud to have gone that far into the forest ALONE and dared to stay up there for an hour or so in that cold cold weather. 
Since i was feeling extra enthusiastic, i also took some close up shots at home (just in case).

gap sweatshirt

week 2

H&M wool jacket Zara tee Tally jeans dinsko
i miss my brother KG so much looking at this. i made him carry that ladder an hour's walk into the forest. my idea was a little different from what you actually see here. i was thinking more like climbing to the top of the ladder and reaching out for the clouds/sky or something. Seeing that the top of the forest was also full of trees (duh!), i didn't get to photograph the vastness of the sky. so i ditched that composition from my head and gladly processed this photo. 
Again, keeping up with the energy level from the first week, i had some flours to spare so took some photos with that (just in case the first comp didn't work out).
me and my brother managed to scare a local who was walking her dog here. i mean, imagine seeing a man meditating at the top of a forest, complete with incense. and a girl flipping her hair full of flour!!!!

bikbok turquoise sweater

week 3

vero moda dress

 don't you just love it when you get exactly the image that you had in your mind? week 3 did me proud :). i wouldn't talk about the idea since it's on flickr - The Green Mile and all.  

week 4

vero moda wool jacket H&M tee Ugg boots
Again, thanks to KG , i got my ass out and went to my favorite field. i felt so strongly about the composition and that helped to stay focused while shooting in the dreadful cold. So it would be safe to say that it's great to have a clear idea before you start shooting. Of course it could also be a drawback if you get so rigid, then you forget it's ok to be flexible. 
Looking at the end result, i still find something doesn't sit well with me. but this has been one of the most liked/viewed photos on my flickr so i'm guessing i did something right!

week 5

Dr Martins
Another great week where i got on my screen what i had in mind. the snow started exactly as i had imagined. except for falling on my arse on a frozen wooden board while trying to jump, trying to make sure not to get footprints on the snow, it was perfect. Again, it helped to have a clear idea in my head. 

week 6

My nephew accompanied me here. But it was too bloody cold and was starting to get dark. Then i just couldn't find the perfect location, partly because i didn't know what i was looking for. so i made use of the smoke bombs. and that crown. and got myself this. Not happy!

week 7

camden town
Hello clear concept :) By now, i'm starting to tell myself that i really should have a clear idea before heading for a shoot. This composition was again something i felt strongly about. i talked about being compassionate towards oneself. (preach preach preach)

week 8

week 8 sucked! Started with a different idea and shot in the snow wearing a LBD, carrying the giant teddy bear, sitting on a chair but the images sucked so bad, i cannot even dare upload them as outtakes. So i had to make do with this old image. i like the tones though :)

week 9

Xmas was around and i was in the mood. pretty simple idea and i liked how it came out :)

week 10

cheesecake dress forever new
i'm glad looking at this. it must be one of the most common compositions but thanks to Gyan, i could see it has a special meaning. and yay for the tones:)

week 11
i started the week with the above comp but then i didn't feel like playing around with the images. So i went back to my red thread. and had so much fun weaving it around the room.


week 12


Looking at this image, you wouldn't believe where i shot it. it's in a tiny storage attached to my room. i just knew i had to make use of the light there and the fabric that i bought, originally for more close-up shots. So you're sure to see it again ;)

week 13


i've been so much wanting to get into more darker stuff. and i made fake blood this week and decided to walk around bare feet in the snow. BAD IDEA. i couldn't pull it off so i went back to this simple image. i'm surely going to try the comp again though. 

week 14

i liked the idea of building tons of snowmen in the backyard. as simple as that:)

week 15

ikea light bulb

Oh My God! This one's got to be the worst edit EVER! i was upset i couldn't process it any better because it really looked amazing in my head. i even thought i'd do an animal series or something. but alas, i opted to do another image for the week, making use of the gorgeous orb.  not much thought into it. 


"twas fun for me looking back at the weeks. maybe i can write something more meaningful in the future. but i think i'd say it much better in pictures. thanks for being here though! :)


iDream said...

Way to go girl. Your passion is well appreciated. Keep up the good work. :)

Karuna Gurung said...

I love your summary of your 52 weeks project, i can't wait to see what's coming on the future weeks...

Nirpeksh said...

your thoughts your creation YOU are gorgeous.

Nirpeksh said...

ok i think i need to correct myself...

long story short...


Tara G said...

thanks Tek and K :) Tek kata haraako?
Nirpeksh, i think i got it the first time around ;) Thanks!!!! made me smile :)

Style Incognito said...

Amazing pics!

laxmi said...

Ughhh seems like my 1st comment was not submitted becos i forgot to type those random letters. Anyway I dont mind jotting down few words. Went through your older posts+recent posts and I have to admit, I really admire your creativity!. Your posts are inspiring.

Chika said...

You're just amazing Tara :)

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