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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Forever Young

heartfelt apologies to Joachim for having taken so long to process these pictures. i hope you'll be able to forgive me and trust photographers :=)

Saw this boy in a cosy little cafe in town and i've never recognized such a strong urge to photograph a face. like they say "there's always a first", i walked right up and introduced myself. Joachim was kind enough to agree to be photographed. i still remember he couldnt write down his number for me 'cause his hands were shaking. Little did he know that i was equally as nervous.

Joachim plays in a band (who wouldnt have guessed, right?). i wanted to capture a Dylan-ish look and kept everything toned down. was good to finally process pictures with an overshadowing theme. i hope to keep this trend up although i will never batch process my pictures.

hope you're having a wonderful week. Weekend's right around the corner!


Gyan Gurung said...

i missed your pictures didi. these are beautiful and i love each and every one of them!

pretender said...

those photographs are amazing :)

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