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Saturday, August 21, 2010

a bit of wishful thinking

 the scar on my left calf is some lovin' i got from my aunt's dog when i was about 10 :=)


Odyssey said...

Love the 5th one. Fav! Ya didn't upload the one ya have made your fbook profile pic! Ya look different in 4th- Levitation!

Swapnil said...

i love the spontaneity of the 4th picture!
this is of your best =]

Gyan Gurung said...

as much as i love all of the pictures the 4th one really stands out for me the gravity defying hair movement and how all the hearts look as if they were being pulled from their converging points along with you yourself :)

Pink Peony Photography said...

this is really cute. what a great idea - i might have to steal this idea =)

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