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Friday, August 20, 2010

clichés are fun


im going a little overboard with the film/vintage kinda feel today. i guess the grass IS always greener on the other side. i love the feeling of film images. it's almost unfair how (i feel) it looks like every film image can look awesome. 

these are the last images of Andrea that i'll upload from this session. although i can't promise so. i'm definitely looking forward to shoot some more. esp since we already discussed a little about concept for the next shoot. also i'm getting a couple of challenges from friends among which include emoting a favorite song through an image and shooting someone through skype.

i'm listening to this song today:


Odyssey said...

A tip of the iceberg - a literal cliché which holds good looking at your progressive work. And I ain't bored but defo getting paranoid. Thinking twice before I use 'good'. :))

Nana said...

amazing pictures!! :)

Anonymous said...

thanks Nana :=)

Gyan Gurung said...

laaave them all didi im quite biased actually cos anything with good bokeh i'll love :P the water images are great although i wish it wasnt so close but thats okay i love how you play with the shadows on the model's face and body esp on the 5th one :)

Anonymous said...

thanks bhai! yeah i have some far off shots of her in the water but wasn't so happy with the focus. i also have around 50 of the ones in the shadow but didn't find anything that i loved.

Odyssey said...

Amongst the added ones, except 4th (shadow spoiled), all can be felt and give pleasant sensations. 3rd (back lean on tree) is my fav. However, there is still room for composition/improvement. You can put a grin on your face for what you have produced of this p-session.

P.s. The best thing one can do is acknowledge. It's polite and doesn't consume a lot of calories. ;)

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