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Monday, August 16, 2010

she bang


Andrea and i met off of this is the first time i shot a complete stranger. and it was complete fun. it was handy to have discussed our concepts a little bit beforehand. but most of the ideas happened on location. i promised i'd take only 2 hours but we ended up taking 3.
the best thing was that Andrea was up for anything. that water looks serene in the picture but to get there was seriously not a thing for the weak-at-heart.i love how we both liked the same shots. overall SO happy that i did this. can't wait to shoot more with her. <3


Tony Eccles said...

Superb, Tara! I hope you post more of them on Flickr!

Odyssey said...

Wow! 1st one is just superb. Amazing light! loving the conifer bokeh at the backdrop. 3rd is kickass. She's got guns! I'd have loved a close up of 4th one (same pose; same look, she's beauty) 5th is so-so. You'll well tried to give different tones in all of your photos. Overall pat yourself on your back. :)

Prajwol said...

loved all of them and fourth one has that different charisma to it.

Anonymous said...

thank you Tony and Prajwol :)

Odyssey, i'll need to speak with u privately :P

Gyan Gurung said...

i love the first one especially with the shadows and her expression on the 3rd one :)

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