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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

i am here

mirror self portrait photographyphotography music damien rice 9 crimes black tights pearl necklace green vintage blouse
photography self portrait light bulb design home fashion vintage shirt green lemon photoshop

Find out which shot i was most pleased with from this shoot here :)
Also find out how i answered questions from an interview with blogger/photographer Alex Cameron here :)

i know i've been boring people with a lot of talk on philosophy and mindfulness. these things sound hard-to-digest for those caught up in a cycle of busy-ness and to-do-lists. but what if i tell you you can feel calmer. you'll have clarity. you'll feel happy. you don't need to read books or meditate. all you have to do is think less. stop dwelling over what you couldn't do and where you should be. give your whole to what you are doing right now. give it a try!



DreamSky said...

Kudos to your creativity!

to think is human ...

Tara G said...

that's what we've been told. but we are beyond our thoughts.

Chika said...

Wahhh.. Amazing. I absolutely love the second one. :) And I love the way you have your name spelt out with a heart at the end of every post. It's pretty xx

Anonymous said...

beautiful words!!

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