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Friday, October 22, 2010

Shout out!

Your opinions matter so much to me! So now I have a shout box at the end of this page. Do let me know if you have something in mind :)

first snow of the winter is love. I can't wait to get stupid, to wear summer clothes and run around all for the sake of that one picture :)
Keep warm!



Samiksha said...

It took me 2 readings on how you want to act stupid - Now I get it! You want to wear winter clothes and roll in the snow! :DDD

Love the picture. it's gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

NO! I want to wear summer clothes in the snow and run around! that's being stupid :D

iDream said...

Boxer, ganji, gumboot laayera daudinay/chi-playti khelnay ho! :D

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