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Friday, May 27, 2011

Everything is impermanent

young and full of running
tell me where has that taken me?
just a great figure eight or a tiny infinity?

It's been exactly a month and a half since i got to Kathmandu and man, have i been busy! i'm actually thankful to the one/two bandhs a week that lets me stay at home. i'm still trying to get used to putting my phone on silent and drifting away from everything on these days though.

Working with Wave was definitely not planned! i'd just shot an email to one of the editors, we met and everything clicked. Yesterday shot the June cover-story pictures already!If you haven't checked out the May issue, please do so because i've attempted to write as well :) Although getting a whole crew together and making a big deal out of the concepts is fun, i've realised it's definitely not the same as shooting just for my own pleasure. Of course,  i am getting full freedom to bring in my concepts and play with the photos as i want at Wave. But stripped from the money aspect and the slightest pressure to please certain people on time, personal shoots are what fuels me i find. If i've learnt anything in the last months, it is that i am not a hero. i cannot make a model out of anyone. that my skills depend so much on getting the right persons and i feel humbled. And above all, i feel so very lucky to be living my dreams. THIS is exactly what i'd wanted for a long long while. and like everything....i'm ready for this not to last.

On a different note, i'm updating because i had another shoot with Noal Gurung. It was super fun because i got to play with a Canon 5D mark II and flash lights, thanks to Sworup. The first time i touched that beauty, i felt so bad because i wanted to completely ignore my Canon EOS 450D. but this time around, i felt more comfortable with the realisation of the fact that no matter what camera it is, it wouldn't cook up concepts for you. (i'm just saying because i cannot afford a 5D mark II :P)

p.s the left one was taken with the 5D mark II. right one with the EOS 450D!!!. 

Lastly, i want to apologize to all the people i've promised to meet up with but haven't been able to :( All i can say for now is that i still have two months here and Kathmandu is a very small town :)


Anonymous said...

What is the lens that you are using these days, Tara?

George Gurung said...

Beautiful photos of Noal. I want you to take my photos too, Nawang please :)

Tara G said...

@Anonymous, I swear by the 50mm f/1.8 everytime for portraits. With the 5D mark II, it was a canon 24-70mm L f/2.8

@Amir, i would love that. maybe i'll see you in London!!

Bradi Wells said...

Way cool! I especially love the first shot - an unusual style with such an intense stare.

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